Other Stories

This section is part of a project that is also on a You Tube Channel so called 'Myocardial Bridge', in which some people affected by this condition talk about their symptoms through some videos, with the hope of raising awareness about this malformation.

There will also be some videos of those who have had the possibility to have a surgery at Stanford's hospital, where they will talk about how their life has changed after the surgery.

My Story

Stephanie's Story

This is the story of Stephanie, 58 years old who started having symptoms since 2012 and she's been diagnosed with Myocardial Bridge in 2016.
She has currently got debilitating symptoms and she can barely walk.

Paul's Story

This is the story of Paul who luckily, after having discovered his condition, had the surgery at Stanford Hospital.

2 years ago He started having symptoms and getting worse and worse until he could no longer walk. His symptoms were justified by specialists as anxiety as it often happens.

In December 2018, Paul managed to have surgery at Stanford Hospital. He got back to walk and he is symptoms free.

Barbara's Story

Barbara started having debilitating symptoms that led her to stop doing anything, even walking. She was diagnosed with Myocardial Bridge and she had surgery. She is ok now.

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